Blanket-weed; is it a problem in your pond?


“I had tried every kind of blanket-weed treatment on the market.

What a revelation to have found floatron, In the four years I have used this bit of miraculous kit my pond of some 5,000 gallons has been completely clear of the pond keepers nightmare blanket-weed.
All my fish are fighting fit with no problems whatsoever and my water lilies are plants are flourishing.
I recommended floatron to other Koi keepers and all say it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
I would say to all pond keepers to forget all the other marketed products and treat yourself to a floatron which really does work year after year.” Testimonial from a Koi Keeper of 20 + years

20160524_130056Floatron can be used successfully in ponds and water features to control pond algae including blanket-weed.

Pond algae & blanket-weed control has proven to be a real problem for applications with fish in the water. Accordingly, use of algaecides, chemicals, etc are not desirable and will often result in a fish kill.

The primary idea of the floatron is to mineralise the water – with beneficial minerals which are inhospitable to micro-organisms but of no consequence to the larger plants of the fish. Aeration of some sort remains a necessity, as the fish must have oxygenated water to breathe.

UV filter systems are excellent at killing the pond algae, but leave the cleaned free water vulnerable to another algae attack. UV is not always efficient at killing filamentous algae (blanket-weed). In the past, these nuisances had to be manually removed. This is where the floatron comes into its own. By using the floatron alongside UV systems, Blanket-weed will not grow and the mineralised water from floatron will not be subject to repeated pond algae growth.

The floatron comes with a special instruction manual on how to use the unit with Koi fish and how to control algae and blanket weed in large ponds where waters are captive – ie, no inflow or outflow of water. Good circulation is also a must. carp

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