Sensibly isolating at home – but lucky enough to have a pool in your garden.

We hope you are all staying healthy and safe at home during these weird difficult times. Thank you to all those who are helping through this crisis in the many seen and unseen ways.

Those of you who are sensibly staying at home will be thinking of ways to keep fit or how to entertain the children. Now is the time to get your pool opened up ready for use. 

Make sure your floatron is ready for action: 

If you didn’t clean your floatron when you packed it up for the winter, now would be a good time to do so:

Most customers are excellent at cleaning the electrode. However many forget about the the solar panel, coil and the basket, which can get clogged up especially in hard water areas. The most effective way to clean them is with a solution of  pH minus (pool acid), vinegar also works well as does Coke according to one customer.

Once clean carry out the operational test shown in this video, this will show the floatron working. Bonus – it is a fun science experiment for the kids to carry out, where they can see ionisation at work using a solar generated current.

If in the unlikely event that your floatron isn’t producing ions (it will take longer on a cloudy day), or you are still worried, please contact us

We have plenty of stock if you wish to order here. At them moment the postmen are being fantastic, but please do be patient if things change.

Now your floatron is ready for the season, follow our instructions on how to open your pool:

To reopen your pool:

  1. Top up water level, backwash, and vacuum.
  2. If water is cloudy, add enough oxidiser (chlorine) to clear.
  3. Test ion level. Float unit to re-establish 0.3 ppm. Temporarily increase oxidiser until protective ion level is attained. Be sure to maintain enough oxidiser to ensure water clarity.
  4. Verify pH is within 7.2 – 7.8 Range. Correct if necessary.

If the pool was previously shut down with an insufficient ion level, or severe conditions were encountered late in the off season, less than clear water conditions may be experienced upon reopening.

Stay safe and stay home.