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General floatron reviews

“We have had our Floatron for approximately 4 years.  We live in SW France and have used it in a mediaeval ‘pond’ which is stone lined and which is filled by water draining off the hill above.  It measures 2.5 metres x 4 metres and is roughly 1.5 metres deep, obviously less in the heat of the summer.
The wild life has introduced itself, mainly frogs and salamanders. I was concerned about the water quality but since using the Floatron we have never had any trouble  except when I forgot to clean the electrode, then as soon as it had been cleaned, the water cleared.
The frogs use the floatron as a sun-bathing platform!”
Frogs on floatron




“Floatron is amazing by the way, only one downside, I don’t have an excuse to continually replace my swimwear now!”


“I used to have to brush my pool twice a week and had constant algae problems, despite keeping the pool chemistry correct. I used to hate having a pool! Since I got the Floatron 2 years ago I have never had an algae problem. I can keep my water at 27 C, and the pool stays clear, I spend a lot less money on chemicals and a lot less time cleaning the pool. The pool is now great fun. The floatron really works, and it pays for itself in no time. Thank you! ” P.K. France

“We bought a Floatron from you knowing absolutely nothing about swimming pools.
You talked us through the process, bit by bit, and didn’t make our questions sound so ridiculous (it’s very hard being a virgin!!)
Anyway – our pool has crystal clear pool water, with no chemicals, thanks to the Floatron UK. I cannot recommend the product or the company too highly. If any one out there has any doubts – ring us – I cannot recommend the product/service too highly.”
P.D. & N.L.


“I Purchased 2 floatrons from you last year, one for using in our fish pond and the other, on behalf of a friend for using in her swimming pool as we both had problems with algae in our respective pond and pool.
I am pleased to advise you that the floatron was very successful in the friend’s swimming pool and was very helpful in being able tot stabilise our fish pond whilst an organic treatment was taking place.
This year our floatron was not required in the fish pond, so we have used it in our own swimming pool and I am pleased to advise you that our water is in fantastic condition and has not required any additional salt or pH treatment since starting it up in April .”

“I wanted to just let you know we are very happy with your floatron system. We purchased it last year and have had no problem with algae whatsoever this summer.”
S.W. France

I have a floatron and I love it!

Hello – we are now into our 3rd season with a floatron bought from you. It is really superb – can’t recommend it highly enough and we have long since recouped the cost with the lack of any need to buy more than £30 or so of chemicals a year + not needing to replace chlorine-wrecked swimsuits. The pool is 63 cubic metres, used for 8 months a year, under transparent polycarbonate cover for 6 months and left open for 6 months. Always sparkling blue!
L.T. France

I have had my Floatron for a year now and have operated the pool through a full season, summer and winter, and so it is now a fitting time to give you my feedback.
Having run my pool previously with traditional chemical measures with the associated costs and negative side effects, I used to consider my pool as being 50% pleasure and 50% hard work (both in terms of time and money spent on maintaining the pool). Now having changed my maintenance system from chemical based to the Floatron system. I now consider my pool to be 90% pleasure and 10% work (not even hard work). The benefits both in financial and water quality terms have meant that we have spent much more time enjoying the pool and much less time and money maintaining it. The benefits gained are as below :-
Increased uptime of pool usage.
Substantial decrease in chemical usage and associated costs.
No problems with Algae (Black or Green).
No problems with irritation due to chlorine i.e. skin irritation or red eyes following swimming.
Substantial decrease in backwashing and associated re-filling costs.
Substantial reduction in the hours per day that I run the filtration system and associated costs of electricity.
Ability to use backwash water as irrigation for my garden.
No chemical attack on swimming attire and pool toys.
Simple and easy installation and maintenance routines.
Crystal clear uncontaminated water.
Residue from cleaning routine of the Floatron used as “Miracle Grow” for my plants.
In short the Floatron has done everything that you claim and as such I am a very satisfied customer and I wish you success in converting as many pool users as possible to your system.
R.B. Cyprus

I have now been using the Floatron for 3 seasons. I am still on the original copper electrode, although it begins to look as if it could win the Turner prize. I generally use one large block of a 5 in 1 treatment in addition to the Floatron. I have had clear water in the pool during the whole season – not a single episode of water turning green or anything like that. My pool is 10 metres x 4 metres and mostly deep; it holds 70 cubic metres of water. I have no hesitation in recommending Floatron to all pool & pond owners – it really does work splendidly.

“I ordered one of your devices last year – it was a punt and I never believed really that it would work. However, I eat my words because it is a marvellous thing and keeps the pool beautifully clean – all that is needed in our pool, is a quick hoover up of the dust which falls to the floor.”
S.S. France

We have just finished our first season using the floatron and we have had really clear water all season which has been great – this is particularly impressive as we had a problem with our pump and were unable to filter water for a week or so during the hottest part of the summer.

Your advice did the trick. I think the Floatron is the best thing I have bought this year. It is magic.
PC France

Just a line from sunny France to say ‘thank you for giving us our pool back’. After a new part to our salt machine, the floatron is working brilliantly. In 3 years we have never been free of algae for more than a week to ten days at a time. There is just no trace at all now, anywhere, and the water is sparkling and inviting the way a pool is meant to be. Cleaning is a 15 minute job rather than a 45 minute one. We are well impressed and won’t hesitate to recommend Floatron to anyone else. Please feel free to quote us if anyone has any doubts about its effectiveness.
C&G M. France

“I wrote to you last year to tell you how pleased I was with the floatron device I had purchased in October 2003 and used for the first time in May~June 2004. I must tell you now, that the results of the device use this Spring/ Summer , have resulted in an even more attractive looking pool to enjoy than in 2004 and my friends have complimented me on the look of the water. I have told them all about floatron.”
T. K. France

“We continue to be thrilled with the floatron and it has been such a blessing, given the dreadful summer we are having, that I have not had to spend hours of time checking and cleaning a pool that no-one is swimming in. The maintenance time has been cut to about 10 minutes a week.”
S. S. Berkshire

“A note to say how pleased I have been with my floatron® after my first full season of use. For the first time in 20 years my pool floatron reviewdid not ‘go green’ on me!
We were adopted by a stray and very tame racing pigeon during August and he clearly thought of the floatron as a raft as you can see. He floated around the pool very happily from time to time despite being buffeted by the pool sump!”
D. B. Surrey

“The floatron has been in operation since the spring and what a wonderful piece of equipment it is.
The pool has remained crystal clear with real sparkle in the water and any trace of algae in the grouting has been eliminated. It is the best £XXX, I have ever spent.”
D.S. Surrey

“Maintaining our pool last season was a pleasure. No shock treatments, less cost and lovely sparkling water every day.”
H. G. Hampshire

“We have been very pleased with the floatron.”
D.W. Cheshire

“Really pleased with my floatron unit and hoping to find you new customers by next spring.”
N. A. Greece

“A quick report to let you know floatron is still proving extremely effective.”
A. F. Essex

“We are very pleased with the floatron, it does a wonderful job. Thank you.”
B. T. Sussex

“I’d use it even if it didn’t save money and the environment – every pool should have one. We don’t need to give chemistry lessons to friends when we are away.
E. F. London

“The difference is amazing, no pool owner should be without one.”
G. S. Hampshire

“I can honestly say that my pool has never been cleaner and more pleasant to swim in since I bought the floatron.”
W. S. Cheshire

Health related reviews & comments

“My 3 year old son suffers from eczema and always wakes in the night complaining of itchy skin after swimming in chlorinated pools. After swimming in my parents floatron pool he always sleeps well as there is no skin reaction, just tiredness from swimming happily for so long!”
E.D. Oxon

“I previously bought a floatron from you and I’m very happy with it. I hardly use any chlorine since and don’t need any algaecide. Not only my pool is since virtually chemical free the running cost has also come down. I can only recommend it to everyone who’s fed up with timely pool-maintenance, high running cost and the use of chloride which can cause irritation of the eyes and skin and as I recently heard in the news the danger of lung diseases (asthma) especially in children.”
A. N. S. London

“I must say my pool without any pumps stayed clear for a fortnight. I really think it works, the children love the clean and clear water, no red eyes and no smell of chlorine. Good luck with your future sales.”
I. H. Hampshire

“Our family suffer from skin irritation in normal chlorinated pools. An hour in your pool was a real treat for all of us.”
S. Surrey

Chemical related reviews & comments

“Just as I am packing the floatrons away into their winter quarters, I thought I should contact you to let you know that your floatrons went on to perform very well for us this year. We were well able to compare this year, how very much less chemical we had actually used in all, and have at last said goodbye to the last of the liquid chlorine!!
We look forward now with confidence to opening up a healthy pool next summer.”
R. & P. M.

“Having used a floatron for two years we would like to say how delighted we are with its performance – our children relish swimming in a virtually chemical free environment.”
B. F.

“I am happy to report that the floatron performs extraordinarily well. The pool has never looked better, and several of our many visitors have, without prompting, commented on the clarity of the pool, and how sparkling the water appears to be. Furthermore, your claim that the chlorine tablet usage would decline, has been entirely substantiated.
“I have been very satisfied with the floatron’s performance, and would be content to be reported in your statistics.”
T. S.

“After a full season with the floatron, I can totally endorse that I have used about a quarter or perhaps a fifth of the liquid chlorine I used the previous year and the pool looks good today (February) – former years I would be dosing a bit more chlorine in even at mid February.”
B. O. Hampshire

“To say I am absolutely delighted with the floatron is an understatement. The pool only holds approx. three thousand gallons (14 cubic metres), but it has always been a problem to keep clean. I have in the past used loads of Chlorine, which made the pool unusable. Since using the floatron, the pool has been in constant use. I only use a tiny amount of Chlorine now. My grandchildren and their parents enjoy the fact that it is the only pool where they do not get sore eyes at all. Of course another bonus is it rarely needs back washing, which means hardly any wastage of water.
Thank you again for the floatron. You can show this letter to anyone.”
A. B. Essex

“I remain delighted by the performance of the floatron – I let the chlorine level go down until the tablet makes no pink colour at all, then chuck in a jug full of granules out of sheer cowardice. No wonder the pool companies don’t want to know – their after market in chemical sales would evaporate.” W. C.

“After 25 years of pool minding (chlorine granules) I started using the floatron 1/9/02 and this summer (2003) 80F has been easy and TROUBLE FREE, the water looks and feels great and there is no sign of ALGAE, trace of chlorine tablets in the skimmer basket is all.”
D. D. Shropshire

“It works! You couldn’t have introduced it to us at a better moment. We have had more trouble this season with cloudy water and algae than in all the 26 years it has been installed. All that is now behind us and our ‘silent worker’ has sorted out all the problems and very little chlorine is being used. Just a chlorine block in the filter basket.”

“Just a note to say how thrilled I am with the floatron. We have only had it for a month, and the water quality is wonderful. I am using very little chlorine. It even managed last week when the weather was quite thundery. In past years I have had to really blast the chlorine up in those kind of conditions.”
D. O. B. Hampshire

“The clarity of the water since using floatron has really impressed me and reduction in Chlorine has been very noticeable.”
F. & R. H. Hampshire

“No more burning eyes, no more showering after bathing, lots more happy friends.”
A. C. Wiltshire

“The verdict on the floatron was very positive; we have always had difficulties managing the pool, with it getting cloudy and requiring a shock dose. During the last season, this didn’t happen and my daughter believes that the floatron helped contribute towards a trouble-free season.”
G. Hampshire

Indoor Pools

(Please note that for a floatron to work indoors there must be a substantial amount of daylight!)

“I have no problems with recommending the floatron – it is brilliant and works in our indoor pool.”
C.D. France

“Just thought I would let you know – the floatron is doing a super job!!! If you would like to put any future customers in touch I would be happy to tell them that it works indoors!!!”
“After two months experience the floatron appears to work in my glass covered pool and I have required only minimal amounts of chlorine.”
N. H.

Ponds & Fish Reviews & Comments

“We have had our Floatron for approximately 4 years.  We live in SW France and have used it in a mediaeval ‘pond’ which is stone lined and which is filled by water draining off the hill above.  It measures 2.5 metres x 4 metres and is roughly 1.5 metres deep, obviously less in the heat of the summer.
The wild life has introduced itself, mainly frogs and salamanders. I was concerned about the water quality but since using the Floatron we have never had any trouble  except when I forgot to clean the electrode, then as soon as it had been cleaned, the water cleared.
The frogs use the floatron as a sun-bathing platform!”
E.G. France

“My pond was murky and full of algae despite paying a fortune for pond cleansing materials, wheat bales, and molluscs. When my neighbour that had a huge koi pond in his garden moved away he let me have his floatron and within two weeks my pond was crystal clear.
Thank you so much again.”
A R Herts

“With reference to our recent visit, having been a Koi Keeper for some 20 years and tried every kind of blanket weed treatment on the market.
What a revelation to have found floatron, In the four years I have used this bit of miraculous kit my pond of some 5,000 gallons has been completely clear of the pond keepers nightmare.
All my fish are fighting fit with no problems whatsoever and my water lilies are plants are flourishing.
I recommended floatron to many of the members of my Koi Club and all say it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
I would say to all pond keepers to forget all the other marketed products and treat yourself to a floatron which really does work year after year.”

fish pond

“My Koi Pool holds 5000 gallons (23 cubic metres) and has been established over 12 year. Most days during the summer, especially if there has been sunshine. I have spent considerable time pulling out blanket weed from the pool despite heavy use of expensive phosphate bags in the filter as well as an ultra violet system. This is the first year I have used floatron, as to the effectiveness of which I was highly sceptical. I put it in the pool in the spring and despite many very sunny days have not had to remove any blanket weed and it is now September. The water has been sufficiently clear to see the fish, the fish are entirely unaffected by floatron and I have not bought any phosphates or the like this year. Cleaning the electrode is easy and I do it once a fortnight in about 15 minutes. Better than half an hour pulling out blanket weed!”
V. W. Cheshire

“The pond had a large amount of algae etc making the pond water quite opaque.
The pond is large and deep, and is a good test for the floatron. Not much change in the water clarity became apparent until a few weeks ago. About a fortnight ago it had become obvious that the water was becoming much clearer, and that the algae was disappearing, which I can attribute only to the floatron.
The clearer water has revealed some debris in the bottom of the pond. We are now permitting the pond water level to fall somewhat to enable the gardener to remove the debris. The pond will then be topped-up, after which it will be possible to demonstrate the success of the floatron in a ‘clear’ pond, which can be contrasted with the pond’s former ‘murky’ condition.”
A. J. L.

“When I put the first one in my main koi fish pond, I have to say I was doubtful of the results. For years I have been trying to cope with the problem of blanket-weed, especially in the hot weather, and have tried a variety of chemicals with little success. The weed would clog the bottom drain which would block the filter and ultra violet light to the point that the only resort was to drain the pond and clear the weed by hand – an expensive process and stressful to the fish.
My wife saw you advertisement in the Spectator and persuaded me to give it a try. This coincided with yet another pond clearing exercise and more advice for yet another couple of ‘experts’ – who this time recommended bundles of barley straw! (This would have been so unsightly; there would be no purpose on keeping a Koi pond) In fact, I was getting to the point of abandoning anyway. So when I installed the floatron, it was in new, clear water.
Since this was done in early May, the water has remained clearer than I have ever known it, in spite of the recent extremely hot weather. The effect is that a greenish sludge accumulates at the bottom of the pond which is sucked through the drain into the filter unit from which I can easily pump it out from the first filter tank at two weekly intervals.
As you recommend prevention is better than cure, and in this case I had the advantage of starting with clear water. I have a second pond which for various reasons cannot be drained and cleared of blanketweed manually. So how the second floatron copes with this remains to be seen.
But I did want to let you know how delighted we are with the results of the first unit we installed. Having little scientific knowledge I have no idea of why of how it works, but it does.”
R.C. Kent

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