There are times i.e. indoor pools, where the floatron may not be suitable i.e. indoor pools, in these circumstances we recommend the Puronizer which in our opinion is a brilliant piece of kit.

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The Puronizer ioniser system is manufactured by APS UK  – England  and is for use in swimming pools. The Puronizer system brings to the pool owner a simple to use method of ensuring quality water with very little effort and no algae. From installation, the Puronizer works totally silently. As your pool water passes through the in line cell unit, copper and silver ions are released killing bacteria and algae.


  • Voltage rate: 110v – 220v 50 and 60 Hz
  • Maximum working pressure 2 bars
  • Maximum working temp. 110F – 45c
  • Pipe size: 1.5 BSP or 50mm plain
  • Installation time less than 1.25 hours
  • Flow rate through cell max 3000 gallon an hour (14000 litres)
  • Download Installation handbook

Over 2,000 years ago the Ancient Greeks found that algae did not grow in water stored in copper containers. They also discovered that it seemed to purify drinking water. It was not until the nineteenth century that the reasons were understood, and the process was established commercially. If a member of your family suffers from a skin allergy from chlorine or is asthmatic or you find chlorine effects you, then the Puronizer under set conditions can allow free chlorine to be reduced to 0.3ppm/mg/l.

If you are away from home a lot or have a holiday home overseas a Puronizer ensures that when you return the water is just as clear and free of algae as when you left. With over two decades of successful sales across the globe you can be assured your investment will give you years of service.


  • Reduces Chlorine – ideal for asthma sufferers
  • Will keep water free from algae
  • Reduces chlorine consumption by up to 60%
  • Bather comfort improved, especially for asthmatic
  • Ideal for indoor pools where chemical smells can be obtrusive
  • Ideal for holiday homes where only occupied part time
  • Far less water maintenance
  • Low running costs
  • For use with Zeoclere, Purity and all high grade filter media including sand and cartridge filters
  • Unaffected by temperature or sunlight o High quality manufacturing
  • Designed for use in all parts of globe
  • Free test kit

Click here for the installation and operation manual


The Puronizer is available in 3 sizes from stock, other sizes avalible:

  • PZ020 – for pools up to 20,000 galls imp 60cm x 60cm 36cm – weight 7Kg
  • PZ030 – for pools up to 30,000 galls imp 60cm x 60cm 36cm – weight 7.5Kg
  • PZ040 – for pools up to 40,000 galls imp 60cm x 60cm 36cm – weight 8.5Kg
    Puronizer spares







Code Model Description Price (excl VAT & shipping)
PZ020 APS20 Puronizer 2 Probe System Complete With Clear Polycarbonate Cell Upto 20000galls £746.75
PZ030 APS30 Puronizer 4 Probe System Complete With Clear Polycarbonate Cell Upto 30000galls £968.20
PZ040 APS40 Puronizer 6 Probe System Complete With Clear Polycarbonate Cell Upto 40000galls £1117.55
PZ014200g Spares Puronizer copper/silver probe 200g all models £123.60
PZ042 Spares Puronizer copper test kit £25.75