What is a floatron pool purifier?

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Floatron  uses solar power to keep your pool crystal clear and healthy the stress free way, with a reduction in chemicals. It is suitable for use in swimming poolsponds, and water features and is compatible with almost all types of pool cover.

When floating on the water, sunlight is converted into electricity by the solar panel. This harmless, low power current energizes a specially alloyed mineral electrode below waterline, causing the release of mineral ions into the surrounding water. Ionised (or mineralised) water,  naturally and efficiently controls micro-organism growth in your pool.

Is floatron safe as well as effective?

Floatron® is a totally safe and non toxic pool purifier. There is absolutely no electrical shock hazard. Swimming with the unit in the water is perfectly normal.

Floatron® ionised water mineral levels fall within EPA established drinking water standards. They avoids the toxicity of high chemical concentrations. Additionally, the water remains clear and stable for extended periods because the minerals do not evaporate out. Unlike chlorine, hot summer conditions do not degrade the performance of the mineral ions.

Extensive reports from the environmental body Green Peace concluded that by relying on chlorine as a disinfectant, we have traded one public health problem i.e. infectious disease, for another – chemically induced diseases.

Is floatron expensive?

The floatron® costs virtually nothing to power and operate. The only part requiring replacement is the sacrificial mineral electrode.  Electrodes last approximately 1- 3 swimming seasons. Replacement cost is minimal (£60). At the cost of £285, including UK postage the floatron should pay for itself in one to two years in an average size pool.

Design excellence

The floatron is built to last; made in the USA under strict quality controls. No moving parts. Constructed of space-age polymers which are weather, water, sunlight, and chemical resistant. The solar panel uses the most efficient photovoltaic cells available. The mineral electrode is alloyed from a special combination of ultra pure elemental metals.

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