Neglected floatron – time for a clean.

Please clean!
Excessive build up needs soaking in pH minus.
Clean the solar panel with pH minus.
This electrode needs replacing due to lack of cleaning

When you don’t clean your floatron regularly, it won’t work as well – don’t worry, it is usually possible to get get it cleaned up and back to perfect working order.

Not only the electrode, but also the solar panel, coil and basket get clogged up especially in hard water areas.

Soak all parts in a solution of  pH minus (pool acid), if you don’t have this, vinegar and coke will work. Heavy build up will need a lot of scrubbing with the cleaning brush as well as soaking several times. A bit of time and effort and your floatron should be back in perfect condition for next season.

Next watch and carry out the operational test  – if your floatron isn’t working as well as the one shown, please email us, ideally with photographs of the coil, electrode and solar panel.

Once cleaned up, the electrode should be stored in an air tight bag or container until you are ready to put the floatron back in the pool in Spring.